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The following overview indicates which counting methods are recommended for the event on a practical, technical and financial basis, with an estimate of the cost price, excluding VAT, for each counting method. This overview is based on the data you entered about the event.

Click on the -symbol at each counting method for detailed information about the implementation of the method, its advantages and disadvantages, cost price calculation and potential suppliers.
The red icons next to the (possible) non recommended counting methods, give you an better understanding into why a certain counting method is not recommended for your event.


The Crowd Counter and the generated overview will help you make a well-founded, informed choice of which counting method(s) to use at your event. The Crowd Counter is an advisory tool of a general nature. The recommendations are a result of scientific research conducted between 2018 and 2022.

New counting methods may have been developed since then that were not included at the time the Crowd Counter was consulted because they were not available or not recommended. The Crowd Counter cannot be considered as a substitute for personal advice. Contact our research team for additional advice and/or the potential suppliers recommended for each counting method for more information on implementation and costs.